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Have Your Cake and Play With It Too!

I like making people feel special on their birthdays. Birthdays are kind of stupid that way. The person doesn’t do anything differently, but they get all this extra attention like they’ve jumped this huge life milestone.

At any rate, it’s fun making them feel special, so I try to do what I can.  It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Thursday and in addition to sending him this birthday playlist I compiled on YouTube, I made him an interactive destructive cake.

Wait, what?

Yep. I got an idea from this video. I wanted to make it a tall and unstable scene on the cake, and then sling-shot marshmallows at it.

I couldn’t do mine quite like the video’s, because I had to transport it, but that didn’t make it any less fun to destroy! (Though the kit-kats were a little stubborn; no amount of marshmallow force would knock those suckers down! >:/ )

I did dinosaurs for two reasons: 1) they had dinosaur gummies at Meijer and 2) it seemed the most politically correct setting to destroy. And making the dinosaur nests gave me an excuse to gauge out the innards of a BIG Reese’s PB cup.

How awesome would it be to market and sell these? Like, create kits of cakes, all the add-ons, and the sling-shot; and kids can assemble and then just demolish them. *strokes chin in deep thought*