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Crumbly Oat Brownies

So tonight is the first official meeting of Spartan Art Voice, the art club I co-founded with my friend Megan Simon. As I love to bake, and people generally love baked goods, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bake brownies! I’ve been wanting them for a while, and I knew once I had a really good brownie, my appetite for them would be satisfied (for a while, anyway).

Well, not at all, I baked, ate, and I still want a really good brownie, because what I made was not it. First of all, I specifically searched online for good recipes, and found some amazing looking ones that I thought I’d try. Also, I specifically bought chocolate chips, because who doesn’t love chocolate chips in their brownies? No one, that’s the answer, that person does not exist. The other day I was looking for my chocolate chips and I couldn’t find them, but like I usually am, I thought it’d turn up eventually, once I actually started looking for it. They didn’t, so no chocolate chips in my brownies…

No matter, I’m versatile, and so are recipes. I had cocoa powder and some flour, but I wanted to use ground oats anyway on the off-chance that they weren’t processed in the same factory as wheat (a girl in SAV is allergic to gluten). I opened up the internet and – what!?! The internet is down?! But I was going to use the tons of leftover sour cream from Chipotlé sponsoring the speaker for Beth’s other club, SIAA.

So I went to the books, but alas, most of my cookbooks are French, British, or African-American, none of which had any brownie recipes. Luckily I found a sour cream cake recipe and a brownie recipe and did my best to combine them. The result? Crumby – I mean crumbly cocoa brownie.

But it sure looks delicious!

The recipe included a cup of sour cream, a cup of oat flour, about a cup of cocoa (see, you’re cringing, I can see it). a half cup of oil, an egg, cinnamon, a half cup of sugar, a half cup of molasses, and… that might be it. It’s not necessarily bad, just really really dry.

So I quickly whipped up a batch of sugar cookies. Unfortunately not a whole lot of ’em, so I think I still need to bring the brownies….


[update] The cookies were worse than the brownies! Maybe the fire next door has affected our oven…

They taste a little bit like Digestive cookies from England, and since I have trouble just throwing away the last of my flour, two eggs, and all the other ingredients I used to make the cookies, I might try to find a recipe that uses Digestives and make something worth eating.