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Open-Faced Veggie Sandwhich with Black Bean and Salsa Bread

I gave in.

I bought the clearance bread at Meijer. I try not to buy from that clearance food racks, because I feel that the food on that rack is meant to be eaten that night or not at all. But I did it. For just under $2, a savory Black Bean and Salsa loaf was all mine! (and Kim’s.)


Black Bean and Salsa Bread (from Meijer)

Black Bean and Salsa Bread (from Meijer!)


I don’t regret it at all. And Kim just loves it. (Ever since she went to Austria and Germany, she’s in love with thick, dense breads.) It’s got a kick to it too. Maybe jalepeno’s?

I made this amazing concoction of sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and spinach, over turkey and sharp cheddar cheese on top of the black bean and salsa bread.

What I thought: One hundred M’s is a good way to describe this sandwich. Healthy, flavorful, satisfying are good words too.