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Weetabix vs. Oatibix

Years ago, I fell in love with Weetabix, a British cereal made of shredded wheat. It comes in big biscuits, but once you add milk, it resembles oatmeal. Nothing could compete with Weetabix (except maybe Kashi). Then, in the international aisle at Meijer, I saw



I bought it, tasted it and fell in love with it. It outshined Weetabix by FAR! The way it absorbed the milk and its nutty oat flavor. It’s just fantastic.

Isn’t Oatibix beautiful?

BUT, true love cannot always last forever…

Oatibix was only on the shelves for two weeks! I never saw it again! I craved Oatibix, but couldn’t find anything to compare! I raved about it to Kim, who was studying abroad in Austria at the time and never got the chance to try it!

I said to myself, Beth, next time you’re in England, head straight to Waitrose and STOCK UP.

Just see how it soaks up the milk. AMAZING.

Well, Oatibix isn’t easy to find, even in London. Finally though, after several grocery stores and questions to staff, Kim and I found some and bought 4 boxes!!  I wanted more, but I didn’t know if I could fit it in my luggage. 😥

We’ve been eating it so sparingly, we still have a box and a half and we’ve been back for 2 and a half months.

So, in the States, Weetabix will have to do. Meijer’s international aisle is slimming down, (or, more accurately, the European sections are downsized, while the “Mexican” and “Italian” sections have grown) so even Weetabix might go away.

Okay, this picture looks delicious, but it never soaks up the milk the way Oatibix does. This picture is very poorly displaying it’s faults.

I’ve just discovered some really depressing information. If I were to order 6 boxes of Oatibix from England, I’d spend £73.56, or $90! £50 of it is the shipping. I could probably buy a lot of other stuff to ship with it… but not gonna happen anyway…

I guess I’ll just have to move to England or something. Weetabix and Oatibix are both heartily delicious.

All done.



English Beans on Toast

I always look forward to the international aisle at Meijer. How different my life would be without having ever tried Weetabix, Bonne Maman Fig Preserves, or known of the existence of this German mustard.

I’m a big believer in trying new things. There so many types of food out there, who knows what we’re all missing! Marmite, for example… Marmite is similar to Vegemite, a very popular thing to eat in Australia. I won’t talk about Marmite too much in this post because I will be blogging about it later this week. (Look out for that!) I’ll just say that I have not yet discovered HOW to like Marmite. That may sound like a weird sentence, but if you’ve ever tasted, or smelled Marmite, you understand.

I love British things especially, and I’ve always wanted to try “authentic” beans on toast, a breakfast or snack food in England. So I bought Heinz Beans with Tomato Sauce, in the British section of the Meijer international aisle. At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I do love trying new things, but at the same time I tend to gravitate towards my comfort food (yogurt and fruit for breakfast almost EVERY day – it’s a weakness of mine), so the beans sat in our pantry for a couple weeks, before I forced myself to SAY NO to yogurt and eat beans on toast.

English Beans on Toast

I don’t know why I waited so long; I knew I’d like it. Which I DID. Beans in a tomato sauce are great! We’re used to our baked beans, which are in tomato based sauce, but it’s almost a bbq sauce, whereas this is just a light tomato taste. I ate mine with over-easy eggs also on the toast, and it was DELICIOUS. Because of the tomato sauce, it’s easier to eat it with a fork instead of your hands.

What I thought: It’s great! For an entire traditional English breakfast, try it with sliced tomatoes, sausage and tea (black pudding is optional).