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Banana “Ice Cream”

(Image from Open Source Food.)

So, as many people know, Kim and I like to (try to) make treats that are healthy but still taste good. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss, sometimes we hit though others assure us we missed. Well here’s a recipe that hits and misses in a different way: It’s missing all the “bad” ingredients, while hitting your sweet tooth perfectly! It’s called…. *drum roll*…. banana ice cream.

It can be made entirely of bananas and nothing else. I usually put other things in it to add to the flavor and change the texture somewhat. When I made some at home for the first time, I offered it to my parents and my Dad scrunched up his nose and didn’t take some. But seeing how enthusiastically my mom was when she tasted it, he had to have some, and he loved it too!

(Amount for 1 person)

1 frozen ripe banana (yellow banana or 2 or 3 red bananas; I think they take an hour or two to freeze completely)

Optional: a dollop of yogurt to make it creamier, or even a bit of milk. Peanut Butter, honey, spices like cinnamon, cloves, or ginger are great too!

Put everything in food processor and grind/chop until smooth like ice cream! (You may have to stop the processor to stir the mixture.

I really want to try freezing other things to make ice cream out of!! Like pumpkin or strawberries! Aaaah, I’m so excited!!

What we thought: They’re amazing and way sweeter than you’d think!